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The Newest Addition to the Till Line

Hello and Welcome to Joe Till Guitars.

Happy 2014 Everybody!
To kick things off, I'm introducing a brand new model, "Shorty Joe" (click). It has a very short scale (23 1/4 inches!) and it's just as fun as it is fast. Obviously, kids will love it, but professionals will find a lot of uses for it, too. In standard E tuning the strings bend like wet spaghetti. You can bend a minor third with ease. And your vibrato will send shivers through the room.
And it is so comfortable on the couch!

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Last year I finally wised up and started a Facebook Page where you can keep up with all the latest happenings here and near Till Guitars. I invite you to leave comments there - especially Till Guitar owners.


2014 also marks my 18th year of building guitars. Keep an eye on the FB page for special offers and events.

From my hands to yours...

Till Guitars are Built by Hand
. I can't imagine another way to build a musical instrument. Automated and computerized machinery (robots) by definition can only make copies. What good is a copy when you can have the real thing?! Each Till Guitar is a unique piece of functional art. I use only the most basic of woodworking tools - including some power tools, but nothing that couldn't be found in your Grampa's woodshop seventy-five years ago at the dawn of the electric guitar age. Till Guitars will always celebrate traditional woodworking skills.(Yay!)
After you're done looking around, please contact me with any questions/comments. I'd like to hear from you.
You can see and hear some of my guitars in action on the Joe Till Guitars Channel on Youtube Here. Viewer Discretion is Advised.
Elegant Sunburst TG-250


Guitar Models


I've always built my own designs in the hopes that you will find inspiration in them. Sometimes playing a guitar that sounds and looks too familiar can make me feel boxed in as a player, taking me places I don't necessarily want to go. Till Guitars offer plenty of familiar tones, but you will also discover plenty of unique ones, too. Like taking a trip in uncharted waters.
Of course, I still build my original two models - the TG-100 "Solo" and the TG-250 "Lady on the Beach". Each can be modified and customized endlessly. By now, I've incorporated all kinds of pickups and bridges into the nearly 200 guitars I've built to date and I'll be glad to consider any new ideas you might have.

I also do the occasional "One-off" guitar. As well as a few "Till Ecasters". And, as of recently, I offer prototyping services for other guitar shops.

Introducing: Shorty Joe
Oh, yeah. I've also recently added the new Till Bass to the line.

Navigating this site is confusing at best (I'm working on it). The easiest way to see it all is to click on the red "Next" buttons at the bottom of each page, as well as the red highlighted words.
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Thanks for reading this far and I hope to hear from you soon, even if just to hear your comments.

Till Bass with Zebrawood Cap
Quilted Maple Till Ecaster
A Little Birdie told me to do it!






RockPlates™ by Till Guitars




Coasters - Switchplates - Picture Frames - Coat

Flame Burst

I make a few of these guitar shaped gift items whenever I get the chance. I make them from solid woods like curly maple, walnut, ash and other woods you might associate with guitars. I can also make custom runs in woods of your choice.

They're available in 4 popular guitar shapes - plus my own TG-250 "Lady on the Beach".

A Place to Hang Your Hat

If you remind me, I'll deduct whatever you spend on RockPlates from the cost of your first Till Guitar. They start at $20 (plus tax and shipping) with a high end of about $35. Call or write to see what I have in stock.

More about RockPlates

Handmade in USA!









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